Dec. 21st Ju Hee Noh Final Project

My project was to create a sound visualizer that shows the sound difference with lights. I wanted to create a lamp that detects sound and light up different colors. To do this, I used led neo-pixels inside the lamp shade. I wanted the lights to be distributed equally throughout the lamp, so I removed the original lightbulb the lamp had and implanted a pvc pipe that is coiled with neo-pixels.



I wanted to choose a lamp shade that was a bit see through so the light changes would show easily. I found a lamp that had malleable lamp shade and found pvc pipe. I have used to pvc pipe to stand in the middle of the lamp and coiled about 150 neo-pixels on it. The lamp shade was a good choice in that it was open at top and bottom, which made it easier to detect any sound or music. I am pretty happy with the overall material, but it would have been easier if I could find a more sensitive microphone or sound detector.

To create the project, I had to learn how to use neo-pixels. I have not used them before, and wanted to find a way to individually control them. I went to adafruit website and watched several videos to learn how to code.

The overall electronic part consists of:

  • Arduino
  • Arduino microphone
  • Arduino shield
  • Neo-pixels
  • Powersource

Software part was harder for me, and I have created my code based on a tutorial:

This is the code:


When I was coding, I wanted to use both processing and Arduino to have processing detect the sound and the Arduino to light up the leds, but the new code was faster in catching the pitches and showing up the lights.


Three most difficult parts were coding, prototyping, and making the project sturdy.

Prototyping was hard, because I only had a vague idea of what I wanted to do. However, I believe prototyping has actually helped me develop my project, and it was a good place to start instead of starting with something big. Coding was the hardest part for me, because this class was the first time I ever coded, and also because I never used neo-pixels before. It was also because the Arduino microphone was not as sensitive as I wanted it to be. Lastly, as I built the lamp, I wished it would have been a bit more sturdier.

I think if I had chance to improve my project, I would like to work more on the code and figure out a new code that works the lamp better. Moreover, I would like to make sure the pvc pipe is strongly attached to the lamp.

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