Assignment due Dec. 20th, 2017


Initially, for my final project I wanted to do something familiar to what I already knew. I had been designing enclosures for the laser cutter all semester for another class, and I had been playing with oscillator sounds. The easy way to complete this project was to make a circuit that would allow me to make those oscillator sounds through an Arduino and Processing circuit, enclosed in an acrylic box. Nevertheless, I realized that this was far too familiar, and not really a challenge in any way. This is why I decided to target my largest complication: coding. Coding is so difficult for me to wrap my head around, and in all of my Interactive Media courses it has been a struggle. So, I decided to embark in a coding based project, in order to prove to myself I could create something out of it.


Not only do I have a hard time understanding code, but I also dislike it. I dislike the process, I dislike figuring it out, and I dislike what it entails. With the stress of finals coming about, I felt like unleashing all of that dislike, so I thought to myself, what else do I not understand and also dislike? The answer was simple: economy. I know super little about economics, and what I do know, I highly dislike. I decided to combine both coding and something about econ in order to create a project that I did like, that did represent my way of viewing the world. This is how my project came about: I downloaded data from 3 different stocks (Dow Jones, CH, and SQM), and the data compiled every single day from 2000 to 2017. These were huge data sets. In Processing, I created a code that drew the volatility of these three stocks in lines. These lines, however, were also synched up to three different oscillating sounds, and so the sound was being created due to the changes in the lines. These lines continue drawing for a long time, given the size of the data sets. Eventually, these lines begin to blur and go on top of each other and create really abstract figures. I wanted to play with data visualization and make something artistic out of two things I really dislike. I felt like I achieved this and it was a huge challenge because the code was super complex. Attached is the code:


I do not have a schematic or design for my project, but below in the post there will be photographs of it attached. The most complicated parts of my project were the code, the code, and the code. It was super difficult to put into code what I wanted to see reflected on my computer screen. More than using links, I used images that inspired me (also attached below) of Processing line art. The thing that helped me the most were my peers and my brother. It’s awesome to have a community that can lean on each other for help when it is needed, and I definitely felt that way during this project. Knowing what I know now I would have liked to set up my project a bit differently. Rather than having it displayed on my computer screen, it would have been cool to have it displayed in a monitor. Instead of having speakers with the sound, I would have liked to have headphones in order for the experience to be more immersive. I will definitely keep these in mind when I do more projects for IM. All in all, I am very happy with how my project went and feel like I achieved what I wanted to do!


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