Progress report

Navya and I stayed after class to work on our project. We figured out the prototype for the spaceship and we took a stab at the code that will control its movement.

Navya wrote the code below, which controls the bot with the arrow keys. We are still figuring out how to make it stop.

Arduino Code

Processing code:

Today, we will finalise the bot and look at how to sense the presence of bot on the playground. Furthermore, here is a short to do list of things we ask ourselves 

  1. Computer vision: how are we going to do the recognition, color or brightness? What is the code for this? 
  2. Figuring out communication: once we have the computer vision code done, how do we make the machine learning software communciate with the Xbee?
  3. Code the story line: this is, after creating the playground, how do we code the story behind it? Is it going to be with for or if statements? how do the sensors we are using work??


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