Pixels and Recreating image due November 27th, 2017

This weekend I had a trip to the Louvre Museum and I wanted to change up one of the paintings that I saw in the exhibition. One of the coolest painting that I’ve encountered in the museum was Napoleon Crossing the Alps painted by Jacques-Louise David. I decided to use ¨Pointillism¨ by Daniel Shiffman and create the image so that it is no longer recognizable as the original painting. Drawing circles using the pixels bring an interesting effect as it creates frustrations. It brings out curiosity and made me wonder if the painting would ever be finished. 

Original Painting:

Napoleon til Hest fra bogen Kunstnere Z: David, Jacques-Louis 2005..Fotograf:..ACC:..HD Afdeling. Det Kongelige Biblotek.










Altered Image: 

One question that I had though was if there were ways to make the circles faster because it took forever for the painting to be recognizable. 

I also wanted to change up a little and wanted to see if I could create a same effect with different shapes. So I´ve tried using rectangle and this is how it looks! Everything is pretty much the same except I changed the ellipse to rectangle. 


Compared to the ellipse, this version gives more of a stroke effect, as if someone actually drew it like this on purpose. 

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