Homework due Nov 27 (Mon)

Assignment 16: Image Manipulation

For this assignment, what I originally wanted to do was to use computer vision to manipulate the image on the computer (we haven’t learnt computer vision yet so this was too optimistic). Since I like Minions, I used the Minion image that I grabbed from the internet.

For the first step, I decided to make the cursor on the mouse make the flashlight on the Minion image, which is initially dark. For this, I followed Daniel Schiffman’s Processing Tutorial 10.5: Image processing with Pixels.



For the next step, I wanted my webcam to track the brightest point/the flashlight using computer vision. I watched Daniel Schiffman’s Processing 11.1: Capture and Live Video – Processing Tutorial and 11.2: Using the Movie Object for Displaying Recorded Videos – Processing Tutorial. Since I am new to computer vision, I struggled a lot with making this work. In the end, I was able to find a code that dealt with Brightness Threshholding by Golan Levin.


I tried combining these two codes so that when I turned on the flashlight on my phone, my webcam would detect the light from the flashlight, which would light up the Minion image. However, this code did not work, and since this integration between image manipulation and computer vision is much more complex than I originally intended, I’ll try to achieve this after we learn about computer vision.

Failed Code:

I found this tutorial on “Tracking the Brightest Point” later on, but perhaps, this can help me achieve my final outcome.

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