Assignment Due Novemeber 27


So I wanted to recreate a picture and make it feel a bit natural to the human viewpoint. I made my picture similarly to how Dan Schiffman did in his tutorials but instead I decided to make it a bit more authentic for the human perspective. I decided to instead of using circles of fixed widths to use rectangles of random widths and heights. The rectangles were there to represent a human painter going over a canvas and adding paint to recreate the image. The random heights and widths of the rectangles are representative of brushstrokes and how humanly impossible it is to make the same consistent perfect brush stroke every time. Sometimes the painter gets too little paint on their brush and it creates a very thin and weak brush stroke and sometimes they get a perfect amount of paint and so they get the entire length and width of the brush hairs and so creates a “perfect” brushstroke. This as can be seen is entirely random and so I tried to recreate this effect.  I also used a fill alpha such that the colours would not be as vibrant and would give the runny water paint effect of some paintings. This once again in an attempt to seem more ‘authentic’.



Original Image:

Recreated Image:


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