27/11/17 Image Manipulation

For the image manipulation assignment, I want to create an image that involved some form of motion and interaction. After many experiments and failed attempts, I decided to try and incorporate the bouncing ball array example that we did in class. To make this sketch work with the image, I used the get() function to retrieve the colour from the image at the location of the bouncing ball. This retrieved colour is then used to fill that same ball, so that the balls bouncing across the screen reveal the image.

I took this one step further by adding another image. I made another class (movingCircle2) for the second image using most of the same parameters as the first class. The main difference is that in the draw loop, this second class is not activated until mousePressed. Thus, When you click the mouse, it appears the second image starts to lay over the first. If you release the mouse, the second image stops forming, and the first image eventually takes over.

I think a really cool application of this code would be merging portraits of people. If I was to revisit this project, I would take identical portraits of people (siblings, for instance), and use these portraits as the two images being laid over each other.





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