Homework due Monday November 27: Manipulating an image

For this assignment, I tried playing with 3D to emulate Daniel Shiffman’s Explode example. Here is the link to that example: http://learningprocessing.com/examples/chp15/example-15-15-explode3D

In my project, I use 3D to magnify a portion of an image so that we can see all the little details in that portion. For example, the image that I use has food cut into cubes and we need to look closer to figure what the food is.

For this assignment, at first, I struggled a lot with the ArrayOutOfBoundException error, which caused my computer to crash quite a few times. I tried changing the size of the canvas and luckily it worked perfectly fine, so I guess that the error is probably due to some locations in the pixel array are actually bigger than the image itself. Thus the computer cannot locate the pixel to magnify.

Here is my code: 

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