Two Player Ping Pong – Game with Processing and Arduino (due Nov 6)

For this assignment, I tried to make a ping pong game. I wanted to keep it as simple as possible.


My main challenge was to understand the physics of the game. I found myself repeatedly drawing paddles and balls on pieces of paper, trying to come up with different cases and add them to the code. I also had a lot of trouble with the ending screen. I had to eventually use a trick to make it work. The next challenge was to display the scores. I originally wanted to pause for 2 seconds if someone scored and display both players score in large font on the screen, but that didn’t work out for me. I eventually stuck to having small scoreboards at the corners of the screens – as you’ll see below. I also didn’t want the game to be way too easy. To add a bit of challenge, I decided to use flex sensors as the controllers, which would make the paddles quite unstable. 

The Game

This is how the game looked like – 

The Code



Lastly, my apologies for the late submission. As I’d informed earlier, I wasn’t well. 

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