6/11/17 StarCatcher Game (Open Studios)

For this assignment I wanted to create a game working in 3D. Although it was a tedious, I really enjoyed the learning process. The game is called ‘StarCtacher,’ and the objective is to ‘catch’ stars by intersecting them with a box controlled by three pontimeters. The pontimeters each control the x, y, and  z movement of the box. The stars are an array of balls randomly scattered throughout the 3D space. They rapidly vary in size which creates the impression of flashing. When the box intersects a ‘star,’ the background flashes/ rapidly changes colour.

Processing Main CODE:

Processing Moving Circle Class CODE:

Arduino CODE:

Here’s a screenshot of the game when it starts. You can’t tell in the picture, but the balls are all ‘flashing,’ which is an affect created by making the circle size random and constantly changing.

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