Homework November 6

For this assignment, we had to create a game in Processing and connect it to Arduino sensors.

My idea was to recreate Flappy Bird and use a pushbutton to make the bird jump. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to connect it, the communication code would keep crashing the game. I still don’t quite understand how it should work.

I got really caught up with the game itself and playing around with the design, so I didn’t have enough time left to work on the communication between Arduino and Processing. Anyway, I really appreciate Michael’s help with my problem earlier today, I’ll work more on it later.

I’ve followed¬†KTByte “Crappy Bird” tutorial here.

I’ve used Adobe Photoshop to draw the interface, and I uploaded the templates online, so that you could actually run the code on your computer and see the game, too.

Here’s my code:


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