Assignment due November 6, 2017

For the assignment, we were supposed to create a game on Processing with sensors attached to Arduino. I was not in class, so I took the term sensors loosely and decided to use a light dependent resistor and created a very simple game. The code makes red (bad ones) dots and green (good ones) dots appear on the sketch. Using the LDR, you change the location of a square. If the square touches a red dot, you lose. I definitely would like to make this game better in terms of design. In my head, the red dots could be tiny monsters, for example, and the green dots smiley faces, or something that makes the experience of the game more fun. Perhaps the square could be my face, for example. All the materials needed for the circuit are one LDR, a 10k ohm resistor, jumping wires, a breadboard and the RedBoard. (I utilized help from the following tutorial: 

This is my code on Arduino:

This is my code on Processing:

Here is a video of my game:




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