Assignment Due November 6: 2 Player Game


So for this assignment I thought it would be fun to create a two player game. Each player uses a push button to fire an attack and a potentiometer to move the player’s character up and down the y axis. If the player is able to hit their opponent a certain amount of times in a row, they activate a special powerup attack that takes a random amount of points from their opponent. 


I had a very tough time getting a lot of what I wanted done because of the simplicity of the Processing tools. Processing is very powerful, but is mostly an artists tool and so it was very hard to implement a lot of the ideas I had in mind. Coming from using Python in Pygame, I was expecting a lot more flexibility but in the end I was left unable to completely do as much as I could because for certain things such as collisions and image with rectangle objects, I had to create all of those from scratch and that limited what I could do. I was able to make a few tweaks here and there and get an okay enough project. 






Fighting Screen:

Combo Special Attack:

Game Over Screen:

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