Homework due Monday November 7


First of all, I want to thank Miha, Michael and Arantza for their help. They did not only help with the software but also with the design process, user testing and building the box itself. Thank you so much!!

Initially, I intended to make a game of mazes in which you would control your position with two knobs, the same way that an Etch-A-Sketch works but with different backgrounds. 

Unfortunately, I found the coding to be very very complicated and Michael recommended me to put that aside for a little while. Therefore, the game is a Deluxe Etch-A-Sketch in a laser cut box with an ON/OFF switch, LEDs, good-looking knobs and a very nice button to clear the background. 

Design, thought process, and problems:

Initially, I designed the box this way:

Then, with Michael and Miha’s help, I figured out the final design. We changed the interface, the design, the size and the position of the buttons and knobs, as well as the on and off toggle. I believe it is a very clear interface, therefore I did not deem necessary to add any labelling, and I hope the affordances of the design are intuitive and effective. I still want to work on my final design, and hope that at a certain point it can be bettered and created a box in Illustrator and laser-cut the material and the holes for the hardware. After a little bit of soldering and glueing, this is how it ended up:


There is an interaction between Processing and Arduino; and the code is based off the sketch “graph,” available in the examples that come with Arduino. Below, find both commented codes. Do not hesitate to contact me if you find any ways of optimising the code or do not understand something!






Not this time! Come to Open Studios and you will see the box in action!!

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