Homework due Nov 6 (Mon)

Assignment 14: Get To The Minion Game (Arduino to Processing)

I decided to create a game (more like a fortune-telling-of-the-day type of game) where the user counts how many times he or she pressed the button in order to get the Minion onto the screen instead of the Getting There Turtle. Since the Minion appears on the screen in random order, to get the Minion to appear on screen is a matter of luck. Using that logic, I created the rules for the game so that the lower count it takes for the user to get the Minion up on screen, the better fortune he or she has for that day.

This game has many parts for improvement, such as adding framerate(), a counter to count how many times the user pressed the button, and a final display of the counter when the user gets the Minion up on the screen. I will keep on working on this game by adding additional functions to make it more aesthetically pleasing and user friendly.

Arduino Code:

Processing Code:



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