Recreating Art in Processing (Assignment due Oct. 30, 2017)

For this assignment, I tried to recreate Manfred Mohr’s P197A which was in Computer Graphics and Art because the piece of writing accompanying his work struck me. In addition to that, the lines and the shapes of his work really caught my eye. From his work, I noticed he drew two perpendicular sets of parallel lines, then drew random shapes around the intersection of these sets. I made that the basis of my piece. Furthermore, inside the random shapes, he drew some lines, the significance of which I still don’t really understand.

Firstly, I set up the same grid he did using loops. Then using their intersections and random(), I drew random four-sided figures using quad(), mostly because I could feel the imminent headache coming on if I tried to create random shapes in PShape() multiple times. Then, within the shapes, using random() and an if() to determine which, I drew random lines that either terminated in the middle of the shape or I drew diagonals.




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