Assignment Due October 30: Recreation of Computer Graphics using Processing


I recreated Edvard Zajec and Matjaz Hmeljak’s sketch in the Computer Art and Graphics. I really liked this piece because it seemed random but somehow with purpose. I also tend to like abstract contemporary art and it reminded me of those types of scultures/art pieces. I also hand an idea about how to create it. I was also intrigued because of the pieces exact notion of “randomness”. This was made in 1977 and today I can simply use a random function to make random shapes like they did, but back then they probably had to use more clever means. I truly wanted to see if I could probably come up with a different method than just using random, but it felt almost impossible. I hope to maybe learn a new way to recreate this “randomness” without using just a few functions. 

I also wanted to experiment to see if I could create more cards than Edvard and Matjaz had without having to change the code alot. This turned out to be rather easy because of the pushMatrix(),  translate(x,y) , and popMatrix()  functions. I have a compilation of pictures of other cards. 







Compilation of Cards and Shapes: 


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