Assignment due October 30, 2017

For this assignment, we had to find inspiration from old computer graphics. After looking into it and watching some videos, I found the work of a man called John Whitney. He did really cool geometric shapes and designs. Here is a picture of some of his work:

I’m really into geometric design and the movement of linear figures. I found a video on youtube where a guy explained how by using parametric equations on Processing you can create lines that move in a certain manner, and so I decided to expand what he explained into my project. Here is a video of my final product:

I chose to use block colors like black and white because I couldn’t manage to find the pastel aesthetic that Whitney had in his designs. I created three lines that went from x1 and y 1, to x6 and y6. By using the parametric equation, the lines continue to move. I just messed around for a long time with these equations, using random cos and sin within them. Attached is my code:


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