Fishnet Football Player :) [Oct 11, 2017]


This project involved a pair of legs. The challenge was to get the legs to emulate human motion. I decided to raise and lower one of the legs. This was simple enough in theory because the leg that was to move would just need to be fixed to the moving servo arm. The code was simple too and the circuit is just one servo, not even a breadboard was needed.

Challenges Encountered:

As stated above, the task itself was not difficult. The most difficult thing for me was trying to figure out how to fix the unmovable leg to the servo, while keeping the movable leg free to move without hindrance. First I tried using a central axel that was fixed to the unmovable leg and the servo while the movable leg was placed loosely on the axle, giving it enough room to be able to spin. The problem with this is that the servo was not held in place well enough and so instead of the leg moving, the servo would be the one moving. My basic knowledge of circular motion and rotation had failed me so I went to my plan B. Plan B involved just sticking the servo through the static leg, meaning the servo arm was free to spin, then gluing the moving leg to the servo arm. Et voila, the problem was fixed but not as nice looking as it could have been.

Things I Learned:

  • The servo body will move if the arm can’t move
  • Axels are not as easy to implement as I thought.
  • Many body movements can be emulated with a servo



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