Assignment due Wednesday October 11

Last class, I used Van’s whimsical project, which was a rotating windmill with marbles inside a pink colored tube. It was amusing and entertaining to watch – especially ecause you could control the speed or change direction with the push of a button. However, it served no functional purpose. The affordances of the windmill was that it would turn, which it did well. There were many signifiers, one primarily being the button, which is an intuitive signal for someone to press it. Additionally, there were two signs which gave instructions on the effects of a single push or long hold on the same button.   

This week, my project that resembled human motions was using a standard servo motor to move the eyelids of a cardboard cut out up and down to resemble someone rolling their eyes (or blinking halfway). The servo was attached to a spool which served as a pulley to life and lower the eyelids. 

See it in motion below: 

Here is the schematic: 

And the code:

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