Assignment Due October 11, 2017: Handshake by Servo


A handshake is one of the most universal human gestures there is. It allows previously distant strangers to get to know each other and become friends or maybe even just acquaintances. It therefore allows people to bridge worlds and cultures and history and therefore is one of my favorite human motions. This uses two servo motors connected to cutouts of hands and a joint to mimic the motion of the hands being shaken. 


The major challenges I encountered with making this project was trying to coordinate the servo motors. In order to get the hands to motion towards each other, I had to find out the direction each motor turned as well as the angles that corresponded to the direction that I wanted the hands to move. This is as a result of the servo motor not having any indication of direction (i.e. what direction does 0 point in versus 90 degrees, etc.) nor does it reset to a “zero” position after writing an angle to the servo. 





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