Homework due Oct 11 (Wed)

Assignment 10: Motion Like A Person

I decided to use the DC motor to replicate the movement of a human eye. Originally, the concept that I came up with was to replicate the movement when people roll their eyes when they are annoyed, frustrated, etc. I used the laser cutter for the first time to cut the white part of the eye using white acrylic. I stuck it onto the motor with some scotch tape to see how it would be. Since the motor makes the rotation very fast, I realized that it rotated too fast for a human eye movement. Yet, I still decided to draw the black pupil onto the acrylic. Interestingly, since the rotation speed is so quick, the rapid rotation made it look like a static human eye.


  • 1 red board
  • 1 bread board
  • 1 transistor (30N06L)
  • 1 DC motor
  • 1 acrylic eye
  • 4 wires
  • Some scotch tape






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