Whimsical Project: Where am I from? (10.09.17)

For this project, I’ve decided to create a machine that had a significance to me. So I decided to create a board/a mini map, which indicates the countries that I’ve lived/and currently living in. 


  • 1 Red Board
  • 2 bread board
  • 19 wires 
  • 6 330Ω resistors 
  • 3 10kΩ resistors 
  • 1 buzzer 
  • 3 buttons 
  • 6 LED Lights 


As shown below, my inputs, the three buttons that indicate each country are drawn on the left side, and my outputs, LED lights and the buzzer is drawn on the right side. 


When the button is pressed, the LED light that signifies each country lights up with its national anthem playing. I’ve designated each country with the LED light colors that represent themselves. 

Philippines = Red, as the Filipino flag consists of three different colors, red, blue and yellow 

South Korea = Blue, as the Blue represents that South side of Korea on our flag 

UAE = Green, as the flag consists of four different colors, red, green, black and white

(this is also shown on my map) 

The difficulty that I’ve faced while making this project was soldering. As I’ve never tried it before, it took a very long time trying to connect LED to a new wire as it was way too short to reach the bread board. Thankfully, it was a success! 🙂 Another aspect that took forever was writing out the national anthem of the three countries. It was a manual labor having to find the score of the music and typing down the tone number and the rhythm appropriate for the song. 

Evaluation, Nav’s project: 

Overall, his whimsical project was very interesting because it was something that we did not encounter in class before. I was amused by the light movement and its patterns. I thought it was very useful for me know that the color shades were adjustable. It was a little confusing in knowing how to use the project, however, the flex sensor and the button immediately made me want to touch them to see the reaction and the outcome of his project. It definitely attracted a lot of attention because of its vibrate colors and mesmerizing patterns. 

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