October 9- Gentleman Jelly

Here is the code for my project:

For the whimsical project, I built a jellyfish who has different reactions depending on how you ‘shake’ his tentacle. In one of his tentacles, there is a flex sensor, and depending on which way it is bent either LEDs inside the jelly will light up, his top hat will turn around, or one of two songs will play.

Some of the struggles I faced were that I used a resistor on the speaker which made it too soft(Alex pointed this out for me 😀 ), I didn’t originally use the for loop for my servo so it wouldn’t turn, and I forgot an } so that my last two commands weren’t being read. 

This is the link to a video of the Gentleman Jellyfish.


Diego made a black box that played a song once you pressed the buttons the right way. Each button emitted a single tone, and if you pressed two specific buttons at the right time, it played the Imperial March from Star Wars. The box had no instructions, so it was a nice surprise when I figured out how to play the song. It made it into a game in trying to unlock the song. The all black of the box was also cool because it meshed well with the Darth Vader theme song.

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