Monday, 9th October : Whimsical Project _ The Sorting Hat

My whimsical project was to make the sorting hat from Harry Potter. When one pushes down the button the Harry Potter original sound track plays and as the music ends different colored led, that represents each Harry Potter Houses such as Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. The project is in the shape of the sorting hat. Every Harry Potter fan always wishes to be sorted into their own house, and that was what inspired me to make this project.  The project itself used simple codes and basic things we learned in the class. Only trouble was that some of the wires did not work and it was tough figuring out which one was working and which weren’t. 



The Schematic: 


The Video of how the project worked: 


Peer Review: 

JiJi had a cute project where it showed every countries she lived in. When she pressed the button the led light lighted up and the buzzer was playing the national anthem of each country. I thought the idea of expressing herself was very fun. The whimsical project was a way she showed who she is and I would like to again praise the effort she put into the project to get all the national anthems playing. 

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