Assignment Due: October 9, 2017 | RandomBox


This project is for the persons that are easily bored or just generally lose interest really quickly, like me. This box does something random every time you use it. However in order to use it, the user has to be, as Travis Scott said, “Flex’n Flex’n” (tryna exercise) the flex sensor. While the user is flexing the sensor, they can press the push button. This allows the user to choose a random event and change the current event. If, however, the user does not flex the sensor and tries to push the button, an alarm will sound. In order to produce a better sounding tone for R2D2’s sounds in the program, I used an external library called MelodyUtils. It is a very handy library that produces smoother sounds, that also sound a lot more natural. 






Ju Hee’s Project: Wizarding World of Sorting Hats

Ju Hee’s project was relatively simple but elegant at the same time. Her project randomly sorts you into a Harry Potter house just like the Sorting Hat in Hogwarts. It was fairly simple to operate and use. I pressed the button and the theme song began to play and then a random LED would light up on the Hat. Each LED represented a different house. 

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