Assignment 8: Make your own instrument (10.02.17)

My instrument is called “The shark instrument”, named after the song that it is supposed to play.  


  • 18 wires 
  • 2 breadboards 
  • 1 red board 
  • 4 LED lights 
  • 4 push buttons 
  • 4 10KΩ resistors 
  • 4 330Ω resistors 
  • 1 buzzer


As shown below, the inputs, the buttons, are drawn on the left side and the outputs, the buzzer and the LED lights are drawn on the right side. 




As shown from the picture above, two bread board was used, one for the push button on the bottom and the other for the LED lights. I designed my instrument so that the push button would be place inside the mouth of the “shark” and the LED lights would represent the eyes of an shark (this shark has 4 eyes!). 


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