Assignment 7 – September 27

For this assignment, I chose to create three buttons that would play different notes when pressed.  If two buttons are pressed at the same time, the buzzer will play a different note.


Above is my code(I published with Crayon but still no color?) and below is my schematic:


While the yellow and blue buzzers would turn off after playing, the green button would play continuously and I have no idea why. The serial monitor would show it being printed continuously as green with blue and yellow being printed along with it when they were pushed. All the buttons were running the same code and were wired exactly the same as well.


Bein able to play combination frequencies was an interesting byproduct of the green never turning off and I added in more functions that followed through with that later. I also tried several different frequencies to try and get more appealing notes(pulling suggestions from this blog and Arduino) but uploaded the code with the notes I practiced with because they were more obvious when trying to listen for them. 

Here is also a cool video from Vox that I found about design that has nothing to do with my instrument but just reminded me of this class.

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